Far away from home country in a strange land and different people with a completely strange language did make me a bit homesick. At this particular time did I not only realize the beauty of our country but also the important role that it played in my strong craving for typical Indian food. This inspired me to dig in deep into the actual roots of Indian cuisine. So little I knew about this great cuisine that now when I cook at home I feel so proud to be having good delicious and most importantly healthy food.

The Indian cuisine savors us with a blend of flavors that run in the mouth every time you have a bite on. Every Indian recipe provides a mix of spicy tangy and sour tastes. The base to every main dish recipe is slightly the same containing onion and tomatoes. It’s the mix of spices that enriches the dish. The most commonly used spices in curries are turmeric powder, chili powder and coriander powder. The normal ratio of these three spices is 1:2:3. But this can also vary depending on your preferences. There are much more that are added to curries like cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom, cumin to name a few.

There is a misconception that Indian food is spicy due to the amount of chili used in it. In my point of view I would like to tell that this is not true. The curries turn out to be spicy not because of chili but of the extra ingredients like ginger and garlic.

Talking about the ingredients in the dish these not only add up to the aroma and flavor but also do have important medicinal properties. Like turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer property, similarly cumin and fennel seeds help in digestion. Ginger used in curries is considered as the universal healer whereas cinnamon sticks lowers high cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar. Basically having Indian food improves our immunity to diseases and keeps us real healthy.

So do grab on to Indian food in your nearby Indian restaurants if what you are looking for is healthy and tasty food.


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